Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services

On May 16, 2006, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum had issued Law No. (13) of 2006 to establish the "Unified Ambulance Center", where His Highness’ desire was aimed to unify all efforts and capabilities of different government bodies providing ambulance services in the Emirate of Dubai. His Highness’ decision was quite wise by unifying the reference of ambulance services in terms of delivering and development ambulance services in line with the Dubai strategic plan. Though, the aspiration of his Highness was to make Dubai the center for healthcare and emergency medical services. The corporate name was altered later on to be “the Centre of Ambulance Services” under law No. 17 of 2007. And then his Highness issued law No. 15 of 2010 by which the name was modified to "Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services" to undertake the responsibility of providing ambulance services to level of Dubai Emirate.

The DCAS is considered to be the only government entity in the Emirate of Dubai authorized to organize the ambulance services provided by the private sector establishments, through granting it full authorities in terms of setting; rules, regulation, identify terms of reference and other technical standards needed to facilitate and license professionals as well as establishments, according to the highest international standards. Also the Corporate was granted the right to issue permits and register premises in the Ambulance System to practice their activities with the community.

DCAS Also was given the authority to approve and identify types of services needed for provision by private sector establishment and permit these facilities to provide patient transport services in non-emergency cases and other ambulance services needed to cover community events in various work sites throughout the Emirate and according to the highest international standards.

Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services is striving to provide high quality ambulance services, premium emergency care and leading advanced medical care in the business of emergency medical services. In addition, the Corporate is seeking to develop ambulance and EMS initiatives aimed to enhance readiness and preparedness with various stakeholders both in public and private sectors in the country, in order to provide high class health care for the pre-hospital services and according to the highest international standards.

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